Chair Person

Dr. K.S. Sivakumar.

Committee Members

Mr. R. Nagarajan.

Ms. S. Megala.

Mr.U. Ramachandran.

Mr. K. Baskar.

Functions of Staff Council Committee

Foster a sense of community that encourages a higher level of professionalism and ethical behavior in the workplace.

Continue regular campus-wide information and dialog meetings (focus meetings as needed).

Continue to open regular council meetings to campus groups.

Promote use of “staff concern and suggestion” cards.

Periodically review and revise employee campus groups for better, quicker communication.

Continue to represent staff in pre-grievance mediation and resolution.

Encourage staff participation in campus committees.

Increase staff representation on campus, state, and federal higher education committees and boards.

Support Staff Development programs: Wellness, Educational, Training, Safety, Resource Center, Etc.

Provide staff with current information and opportunity regarding contact with legislators.
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