Staff Incharge

Mr. R. Maheswari,

Assistant Professor in Tamil

Student Members

Ms. R. Balasundari,

Ms. M.R. Gowthami,

Ms. R. KaviyaPriya,

Mr. M. Muthukumar,

Ms. K. Sundaravalli.

Functions of Cultural Committee

To set up a structure that is representative of the educational community and cultural community in the area under the College Board’s jurisdiction and to act under the auspices of the College Board.

To provide the college with a cultural policy adopted by the commissioners and provide for its implementation by developing an action plan

To determine and implement measures to promote integration of the cultural dimension into the college’s educational projects.

To promote the college devoted to the Culture-Education agreement that provides information on the various measures and resources available to teachers.

To guide and support college that want to organize activities for Cultural Activities at college or submit artistic and cultural projects.

To encourage the college to draw on the Culture in the college program to invite artists and writers to their colleges or to organize cultural outings.

To guide and support schools in preparing cultural outings: making reservations, organizing transportation, fundraising, planning cultural activities, using the services of cultural dissemination or organizations, etc.








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